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DIT is a leading company in LCD AOI (TFT-LCD, Color Filter) with its superior technology and customer support.

Orders on high-resolution vision inspection equipment for AMOLED are on the rise. Besides, we do our best to create new applications for  new  industries based on DIT’s core technology, image processing technology.


  pattern inspection High-Speed Review Mura Inspection High-Speed Measurement
Category Pattern Defect Defect review Mura inspection
After Film Coating
Pattern Pitch
Critical Dimension
Object TFT (Gate, Source & Drain, Active, Passivation, Pixel)
C/F (Black Matrix, Red, Green, Blue, Over Coat, Column Spacer, ITO1), Final, Mask)
COA2) Process
Black Matrix Critical Dimension
IPL(ITO Patterning
Line) critical Dimension
Items Open, short, protrusion, pinhole, Foreign Materials,
Mask Defect, Edge Crack, Pad
Slit Mura, Area Mura, Spot Mura etc. Width, Height,
Pitch of Cell
Items 20sec. ~ 60sec.
( Processing time is scalable )
(8G, Loading, Unloading )
20sec. ~ 60sec.
( Processing time is scalable )
1 sec. / point

* 1) Indium Tin Oxide
* 2) Color Filter On Array


As major AMOLED makers double the capacity every year, we  are developing enhanced AOI solution for AMOLED inspection process based on know-how of TFT-LCD AOI.


Category Pattern inspection Metal Mask High-Speed Review Auto Macro CSG Inspection
Type pattern defect metal mask Defect defect review Mura on
coating film
Objec OLED Panel (LTPS, MASK, Thickness/Off-set after even process) Mura after ELS process, Mura of organic insulation film Sealant printed
Cover glass
Items Open, short, protrusion, pinhole, Foreign Materials,Mask Defect Edge Crack Slit Mura, Area Mura, Spot Mura etc. Sealant short /
Smear / height /
width / location
Tack Time 20sec. ~ 60sec.
( Processing time is scalable )
40 point/60sec
20sec. ~ 60sec. (Processing time is scalable) Inspection :
50sec ~ 60sec

3. Film AOI

We applied  our AOI solution to various Roll to Roll film production process such as Polarizer Film, optical film, Hard coating film ,etc.

Besides, we are extending market share of high resolution solution and faster inspection speed compared to competitors based on FPD AOI know-how


Category POL Film Functional Film Blanket Roll Fabric
  • - TAC
  • - PVA
  • - PF
  • - NCF
  • - SP
  • - TAC
  • - TAC +
  • - ccoating/surface
  • - PE + PSA + PF
  • - SP
- Blanket Roll Fabric for
   Display panel printing
Item smear, bubble, Scratch, Mura
Tack Max 40.0 (M/min)
( Processing time is scalable )
  • * Terminology
  • - TAC : Triacetylcellulose
  • - PVA : Polyvinyl Alcohol
  • - PF : Protection Film
  • - NCF : Non-Conductive Film
  • - SP : Seperatable Protection Film
  • - PSA : Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • - PE : Polyethylene Film

Structure of Polarizing Film

Other industry

Besides Display and Film Industry, we have sales records of AOI equipment in Auto-Glass, Solar Cell, X-Ray Detector and have capability to reach out emerging industry.

VISION Biz. Inquiry - Tel : +82-31-831-7010 / e-mail :sw7175@diteam.co.kr